Music Machine 6

Music Machine 6 can be controlled either manually or automatically.
Both modes use 4 independent voices but there are a number of restrictions when using the automatic rather than the manual machine.

In manual mode the four voices are set using the following parameters:

    1)    The sound of each part can be selected from any available sound from the standard midi set.
    2)    The scale or arpeggio type (mode) can be selected from a chromatic, major or minor scale or from a major or minor arpeggio.
(All scales and arpeggios start on C).
    3)    The range of each voice can be set to soprano, alto, tenor or bass.
(For this machine Soprano covers the range from middle C +1 octave to middle C +3 octaves, Alto from middle C to middle C +2 octaves,
Tenor from middle C -1 octave to middle C +1 octave and Bass from middle C -2 octaves to middle C).

There are no restrictions in the available choices, for example all voices could sound as bass, all can play using notes from the
same scale / arpeggio or all can use a different scale / arpeggio.

Once the selections have been made each part can be played by pressing the ‘play detached’ or ‘play sustained’ button.
‘Play detached’ means that each new note silences the previous one (press the ‘stop’ button to have no note at all).
‘Play sustained’ means that each time the button is pressed a new note will sound on top of the existing ones,
again pressing the ‘stop’ button ends all the notes.

With certain limitations the manual machine can be operated from the keyboard.
Pressing the q key will play part 1 detached. The a key will stop this.
Pressing the w key will play part 2 detached. The s key will stop this.
Pressing the o key will play part 3 detached. The l key will stop this.
Pressing the p key will play part 4 detached. The ; key will stop this.

In automatic mode there are a number of restrictions to the available choices.
Each voice can have its own sound but all voices will play the same scale / arpeggio type selected from the drop down menu for part 1.
The range of each part is preset to soprano, alto, tenor and bass respectively.

The speed at which each event is generated can be chosen within the range of semiquaver to semibreve at 120 bpm. Press ‘start’ to play.

In automatic mode the machine will run indefinitely until stopped by the user.

MusicMachine 6 Simon Belshaw 2012

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Simon Belshaw 2012

The Music Machine software is intended for private use only. It is not to be used in public or for commercial use without permission