safe harbour - flattened utterances 

catalogue number sbcd 1003

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The safe harbour cd grew from larger projects in both generative and process music. 

The three pieces on the cd are reworkings of two longer pieces, the 1st and 3rd pieces (sometimes ... (mixed pianos) and sometimes ...

both come from an installation work that featured in the Exeter Fringe Festival in 2002 

and barcode is a rearrangement of a thirty minute piece originally for six keyboards. 

Elements of the composition were determined by a numerical row that was created from measurements taken from a barcode. 

These recordings combine both electronic and live performance - the bass on sometimes ... is played by Dave Sanderson whose father 'introduces' the piece!

1. sometimes ... (mixed pianos) 6'53"

2.    17'10"

3. sometimes ... 8'53" 

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